One to one workshop in my South London studio.
Explore felting techniques and character design approaches to create your unique piece, learning how to bring it alive in felt from the skeleton to it’s final details.
You will have the chance to Llearn about my making process, a  needle felting kit for you to keep is included.
The Workshop consists in two classes of 4 hours  (4 hours per class, to be delivered in 2 separate days  or  8 hours in one day, morning and afternoon. 

WHAT DO I LEARN - Basic workshop:
-Needle felt Techniques - Wet felt
-Carding felt and blending colours
-Character design tips
-Create basic shapes in felt, how to assemble them to build your piece
DURATION 4 hours with a 30 m coffee break
All Tools and Materials will be provided and delivered to your home
Fee £150

WHAT DO I LEARN - Advanced workshop
-Create a structure for your design and cover it in felt.
-Add details and colour
-Photograph your piece in the studio
DURATION 7 hours with 45m lunch break  -to be done in 1 day or 2 days-
All Tools and Materials will be provided
Fee £250

 No need of previous experience for the Basic Workshop, if you have some, the workshop will be adapted to your skill levels.
Basic workshop can be booked on it's own if you are not interested in the Advance level.
Sessions will be organised trough ZOOM
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