My sculpture seeks to find a balance between the dualities of innocence and darkness - the divine and the animal, grounded in the earth.  An element of the monstrous has always allowed artists to communicate their ideas and their feelings freely, and there’s an aspect of this in my work.  I try to combine the kindness and darkness that are intrinsic to human nature.
An interest in myth, symbolism and divine beings from different cultures has always informed my work.  Collecting rare objects and dolls has been a part of my creative process, as I look for the contrast between the found object that comes with its own history and the softness, tactility and warmth of felted wool - resulting in these hybrid whimsical creatures.  Both the making process and the material are extremely important in my work, shaping hand-dyed wool using traditional sculptural processes and using a needle felt technique to create meticulous and detailed shapes, with a uniquely organic feeling
Originally from La Rioja, Spain, I studied Fine Art & Photography at the Universities of Salamanca & Barcelona, II have exhibited my work in numerous international exhibitions, including  James Freeman Gallery in London, Somerset House for The National Open art Competition, and Saatchi Gallery in London and Pantocrator Gallery in Shanghai. 
My most recent exhibitions include Exhibition ANIMA in Saatchi Gallery in 2019 where I exhibited my latest sculpture work and the Photography  exhibition A certain Panorama, work exhibited along  with some of the most relevant emerging photographers in Spain - Sala Canal Isabel II, Madrid 
Future exhibitions in 2021 include the group exhibition Dreambags & Jaguar Shoes in Kirk Gallery, Denmark and a group exhibition in Sokyo Gallery in Kyoto, Japan. 
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